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Welcome to Tiny Heroes, a one-page tabletop RPG designed specifically for kids aged 3-8. With its simple rules and minimal requirements, all you need to get started is the PDF, a standard six-sided die, and a handful of tokens like pieces of candy.

The primary objective of Tiny Heroes is to have a blast and create unforgettable stories together! Each player gets to craft a delightful character with a unique superpower, ready to embark on an exciting journey in the world crafted by the Guide. As the Guide, your role is to vividly describe the surroundings, narrate the story, and bring non-playable characters to life.

Roll the die to experience moments of success and failure, adding a dynamic twist to your tales. Remember, even in the face of failure, the adventure is far from over—it simply presents an opportunity for a thrilling setback!

With Tiny Heroes, prepare for boundless imagination, endless laughter, and cherished memories. Are you ready to become a legendary hero?


  • Tiny_Heroes_TTRPG_for_kids.pdf: The main page containing all the rules for the players and the Guide.
  • Tiny_Heroes_Starter_Adventures.pdf: An optional set of three starter adventures for Guides.
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Came from the Jam because I wanted to see what TTRPGs looked like. Cute Anime Art!