HERE BE DRAGONS: This is a game that was never meant to be released in this state. As such, the quality may be subpar and the game might be full of bugs. It might even randomly crash.

A game submitted to the Fragment Jam.  A small roguelike prototype meant for both standalone and Android I created in 2014. I focused mostly on balancing and equipment drops so the rest of the game suffered. It also has a major bug causing the level generator to crap out after floor 3 or so, so that floor gets repeated infinitely. Yay.

I imported this in Unity 2019.3 alpha and made builds for different platforms including WebGL. That process probably caused some more bugs, but that's just how the cookie crumbles I'm afraid. I also had an original (probably working) Windows build from 2014, but it slows down my beefy PC to a crawl when trying to launch it and doesn't even show anything.

I've included an Android build I found from the original dev folder back in 2014, you can try that if you're brave enough.


Arrow keys or mouse: Move / Attack
Mouse: Use menus and inventory.
ESC: Open game menu


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