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This application converts a MPMB PDF to a valid FoundryVTT Actor file that you can import. The FoundryVTT character data contains everything about the character, including:

  • Basic info like the name and class
  • Attributes, skills, languages and proficiencies
  • Background, class and racial features
  • Equipment and (custom) attacks
  • Spells (all spells from official and UA sources are supported)
  • Biography

The way this all works is by interpreting the XFDF data from the MPMB PDF and then intelligently filling in the gaps from several data sources. No external data is required in Foundry, meaning you don't need to import any extra compendiums, all information is baked into the character sheet.

Last tested MPMB version: 13.1.2
Last tested FoundryVTT version: 10 build 288


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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