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it did not load up for me


What OS are you using? Do you get any errors?

I wish there more choices and the game could expand a little but it really teaches us to make the right decision like in this game mabey you could tell someone who does work hard to help them otherwise, good game!.

i love this its alot fo fun. i am not sure what the right choice is but i really am enjoying it. and i love that i can make the face a picture of anything so i made it my dog. You are very talented keep up the awesome job.

Thanks! It's always fun to hear when people enjoy your work.


Interesting game, with tough decisions. Thank you for taking the time to make this game.

Hi there! Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I did, but now I feel so bad, no right choice, unless I missed something. I figured just closing the game without making a choice was me choosing not to fire any of them.

Just like in real life, sometimes there is no right choice to be made and in the eyes of the "victim" and its friends and relatives you'll be labelled as a monster.

Kudos to you for finding a way around it, that's the equivalent of quitting as a boss and going against the system.

Made a video -

Nice one guys! I hope you enjoyed playing my game :D


Cool game ,hard choices
Link if any want to see the gameplay :)

Cool! Thanks dude :D


The choice was really tough, really playing into the being the monster idea. I really liked this game!


Thanks for playing! I really enjoyed watching your playthrough!